v0.4.1 Changelog

Bug Fixes Fixed the following commands always showing the non-skinned default items in certain places, even if the user has a skin equipped for the

v0.4.0 Changelog

New Features Airdrops have been added! This feature is currently only available in the BoxBot server – but is planned to be available to more

v0.3.11 Changelog

New Skins All skins listed here are currently unobtainable but in the future can be earned via events: m4_carbine;;graffiti (cody#0420) kunai;;pizza_time (cody#0420) exp_potion;;vial (cody#0420) ak-47;;cutting_edge

v0.3.10 Changelog

Changes When using money items, it will now display your total money. When opening multiple boxes at once, it will now display the total item

v0.3.9 Changelog

Changes Senior mods now have access to b@botwarn and b@botunwarn. Certain roles now have a shorter cooldown time between commands, as a thank you for

v0.3.8 Changelog

New Features Added b@giveskin staff command for admins to give users specific skins. Added b@removeskin staff command for admins to remove specific skins from users.

v0.3.7 Changelog

New Features 19 limited Christmas skins have been added. When using a credit, there is a 2x chance of receiving a Christmas skin compared to

v0.3.6 Changelog

New Features Added an attack log for staff to view. Logs the details of attacks and magnet uses. Changes Removed trick or treat from the

v0.3.5 Changelog

Changes Extended the Halloween event by 7 days (to November 18th at midnight GMT) due to the 7-day rollback. Users’ monthly credit claims have been

v0.3.4 Changelog

Changes All users have had their data (excluding skins and credits) set back to their data from October 21st @ 1AM GMT. As apology for