v0.3.6 Changelog

New Features Added an attack log for staff to view. Logs the details of attacks and magnet uses. Changes Removed trick or treat from the

v0.3.5 Changelog

Changes Extended the Halloween event by 7 days (to November 18th at midnight GMT) due to the 7-day rollback. Users’ monthly credit claims have been

v0.3.4 Changelog

Changes All users have had their data (excluding skins and credits) set back to their data from October 21st @ 1AM GMT. As apology for

v0.3.3 Changelog

New Features You can now open multiple boxes at once e.g. b!use common_box x3 You can now use multiple money items at once e.g. b!use

v0.3.2 Changelog

Changes Added day as an alias of daily. Senior moderators now have access to the updatemoney staff command. Bug Fixes When fetching a user through IPC via their Discord ID,

v0.3.1 Changelog

Bug Fixes Fixed the epic_box not existing in the database – resulting in errors for users who have any in their inventory. Fixed users not

v0.3.0 Changelog

Missing Features Explosive weapons. Cooldown notifications. Global leaderboards. Leaderboards. Note that these features are temporarily missing and will return soon! Removed Features Global leaderboards have been temporarily

v0.2.3 Changelog

Changes cf added as an alias for coinflip. Bug Fixes Fixed bug that allows a user to sell all of an item, and then sell

v0.2.2 Changelog

Removed Features The players command has been temporarily removed to prevent lag. Bug Fixes Fixed bug with trading that allowed people to set their money

v0.2.1 Changelog

New Features When looting someone, if all three items are the same, it will automatically pick one and move onto the next three. This will