v0.3.1 Changelog

Bug Fixes Fixed the epic_box not existing in the database – resulting in errors for users who have any in their inventory. Fixed users not

v0.3.0 Changelog

Missing Features Explosive weapons. Cooldown notifications. Global leaderboards. Leaderboards. Note that these features are temporarily missing and will return soon! Removed Features Global leaderboards have been temporarily

v0.2.3 Changelog

Changes cf added as an alias for coinflip. Bug Fixes Fixed bug that allows a user to sell all of an item, and then sell

v0.2.2 Changelog

Removed Features The players command has been temporarily removed to prevent lag. Bug Fixes Fixed bug with trading that allowed people to set their money

v0.2.1 Changelog

New Features When looting someone, if all three items are the same, it will automatically pick one and move onto the next three. This will

v0.2.0 Changelog

New Features botwarn, botban, botunban, and botunwarn staff commands implemented. These allow a staff member to give/remove non-trade punishments for a user. For example, if

v0.1.0 Changelog

New Features When a new user (who isn’t in the database) uses a command, the bot will DM them welcoming them back to the bit;

Pre v0.1.0 Changelogs

Before v0.1.0, there were no changelogs. Updates were just written in the announcements channel of the Discord server. I have compiled all of the updates