v0.3.4 Changelog


  • All users have had their data (excluding skins and credits) set back to their data from October 21st @ 1AM GMT.
    • As apology for the inconvenience, all affected users have been given 5 skin credits. You can use these with the command b!usecredit.
  • Set the maximum amount of items you can use at once to 100.
  • When using money items in batch, it will now generate a new number for each of these items.
    • Before, it would generate one random number and multiply it by the amount of items used.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed permanent trade bans and bot bans saying “0 seconds” instead of “forever”.
  • Fixed common and uncommon boxes being priced incorrectly – making it easy to make profit from repeatedly buying and using them.
    • This was due to the price of broken bottles being included when calculating the price of boxes, even though broken bottles are not obtainable through boxes.

Minor Changes

  • Included how to remove a killfeed channel in the b#killfeedchannel command description.
  • Changed text of trying to use a credit when you do not have any credits.
  • When using multiple EXP items, if you level up 1 time it will now say “1 time” instead of “1 times.”
  • Added mon as an alias of the money command.