v0.3.5 Changelog


  • Extended the Halloween event by 7 days (to November 18th at midnight GMT) due to the 7-day rollback.
  • Users’ monthly credit claims have been changed to reset on the 1st day of each month instead of after 29 days.
    • All users’ monthly credit claims will be reset – so remember to use them for this month!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with trading where if you trade the exact amount of money you have, it gives the other user that money but the user who traded it will also keep it; resulting in the money being duplicated.
  • Fixed floating-point errors. (credit to Faith)
  • Fixed BoxBot not detecting users having their roles removed when they leave the BoxBot server.
    • e.g. if a staff member left the server (or got banned/kicked) the bot would not remove that user’s roles in the database and the bot would still think that user was staff until the bot is restarted.
  • Fixed a user’s first opt in to a server having no cooldown to opt back out.