v0.3.8 Changelog

New Features

  • Added b@giveskin staff command for admins to give users specific skins.
  • Added b@removeskin staff command for admins to remove specific skins from users.
  • Added b@status staff command for support and above. Allows staff to diagnose some user issues more easily.


  • Removed Christmas command.
  • New patrons will now automatically receive the Donator role.
    • If you were previously a patron or are currently a patron and do not have the Donator role, please contact me on Discord (logan#0001).
  • Users who upgrade their patron tier should automatically receive the difference in credits.
    • Let me know if this doesn’t work!
  • You can no longer use the b!hp command to check a user’s health while you are deciding who to attack.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where trading the same item to each other would result in items being duplicated.
  • Fixed the inventory not showing a user’s death shield if they have a shield active.
  • Fixed the b@check staff command not responding to people who do not have permission, instead of telling them that they do not have permission to use the command.
  • Fixed spacing between the letters and answers in trivia.
  • Fixed being able to check people’s inventories while you are deciding who to attack.
  • Fixed receiving an opt cooldown after opting out.
    • You can opt back in whenever you want after opting out. But after opting in, you still must wait 24 hours before opting back out.