v0.3.9 Changelog


  • Senior mods now have access to b@botwarn and b@botunwarn.
  • Certain roles now have a shorter cooldown time between commands, as a thank you for their work/support.
    • Staff: 1000ms
    • Patrons: 1500ms
    • Artists: 2000ms
    • Donators: 2000ms
    • Nitro Boosters: 2500ms
    • Everyone else: 3000ms
  • The magnet now has a 3 second cooldown between uses, to prevent users with shorter cooldown times between commands having a minor advantage.
  • Updated rewards for b!daily:
    • x1 rare_box: 93%
    • x2 rare_box: 6%
    • x1 ultra_rare_box: 1%
  • Updated rewards for b!weekly:
    • x1 ultra_rare_box: 93%
    • x2 ultra_rare_box: 6%
    • x1 epic_box: 1%
  • Added the prohibition of leaving a server before your opt out cooldown has expired to the b!rules command.
  • Finally changed BoxBot server invites to its vanity URL (thank you Nitro boosters!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed users having “xnull” of an item if they received an item in a trade that they have never had before.
  • Fixed the remaining temporary bot ban time not being displayed correctly if you tried to use a command while you are temporarily bot banned.
  • Fixed role updating in the database not working if the user did not already exist in the role database.
  • Fixed role updating continuing when it shouldn’t (resulted in some users receiving a message that they gained “NaN” credits after pledging on Patreon).
  • When staff resets a user, it will no longer remove their current active ban(s), owned skins, and credits.