v0.3.11 Changelog

New Skins

All skins listed here are currently unobtainable but in the future can be earned via events:

  • m4_carbine;;graffiti (cody#0420)
  • kunai;;pizza_time (cody#0420)
  • exp_potion;;vial (cody#0420)
  • ak-47;;cutting_edge (cody#0420)
  • bottle;;molotov (Krample#6868)
  • magnet;;zap (Aidan#7154)
  • rock;;amethyst (Auroria#8172)


  • Users’ account ages added to opt logs.

Bug Fixes

  • ‘m5’ and ‘mag’ aliases from v0.3.10 fixed as the aliases were not properly applied.
  • Error logging now ignores Discord’s internal server errors. Helps me when looking through errors to diagnose issues.
  • Fixed opt logs not working.
  • Fixed users not being opted out when they leave a server.