v0.2.0 Changelog

New Features

  • botwarn, botban, botunban, and botunwarn staff commands implemented. These allow a staff member to give/remove non-trade punishments for a user. For example, if the user is abusing exploits.
  • Trading command re-implemented.
  • Voting rewards for voting for BoxBot on DiscordBots. One vote every 12 hours is possible and each vote rewards a rare box, or an ultra rare box on weekends.
  • players command re-implemented.
  • Bot presence/status. The bot now shows “watching X players” (amount of users in the database).
  • respawn and check staff commands re-implemented.


  • Added the current version number to the footer of the ping command.
  • Added link to our Patreon page in the DM that is sent to new users.
  • 2 second cooldown between command reduced to 1 second.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where opening a box with the use command and unboxing an item that had a skin equipped would send two images (one without the skin, and one with the skin).
  • Fixed bug where attacking or using a magnet in a server without enough people would throw an error and keep the user stuck on “finding victim.”
  • Fixed bug where a dead player typing any message would trigger the “you are currently dead” message, when it should only respond to commands.
  • Fixed bug where the resetuser admin command would not allow any database updates for that user until 60 seconds had passed.
  • Fixed bug where if an item had no sell value, it would not use its buy value to calculate the item value and would be valued at $0.00.
  • Fixed typo in the sell command (“you must enter the name of the item you wish to buy“).
  • Added missing newlines to the “not enough people to attack” message.
  • Fixed bug where if people have never had a death shield active before, it doesn’t include them in the attack/magnet search.
  • Fixed trivia command showing HTML entities.
  • Added another ‘reserved / …’ message when looting someone to fix the bug where if too many items are listed, the bot throws an error and the killed player is stuck in the death phase.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to attack several times while the bot was “finding victims.”
  • Fixed formatting issues when displaying a user’s name#tag.
  • Using a magnet will no longer deactivate a death shield if there is nobody available to attack.
  • Adming command setcd can no longer be used by mods.
  • Fixed issues with rounding currency – where it may look like you have an extra $0.01 but are unable to use it.
  • Rewrote a portion of the attack / magnet commands to fix the following bugs (and likely more):
    • able to target yourself
    • able to target people below the required money/value
    • able to target people who are opted out
  • Fixed bug in sell and buy commands where if entering just “x” without a number afterwards, it would try to sell/buy “NaN” of that item.