v0.1.0 Changelog

New Features

  • When a new user (who isn’t in the database) uses a command, the bot will DM them welcoming them back to the bit; link them to our server, website, and forums, and show them the bot’s rules.
    If the bot is unable to send a DM to the user it will send the message in the channel they used a command in.
  • Each command will put you on a 2 second cooldown before you can use another command. This is to prevent spam, abuse, and exploits.
  • Server admins can now set the bot’s command prefix in their server using the new b#setprefix command.

Returning Features

  • Global leaderboards now work once again.
    Money, kills, deaths, and exp are the current working leaderboards. More leaderboard types will come in the future. Also, the leaderboard will not yet show you your rank.


  • The bot is now written in Node.js using the Eris library.
  • The bot now uses MySQL for data storage, rather than JSON.
    This means data is updated in realtime; no more rollbacks!
  • The help command now contains a rules section.
  • The rules command now shows an embed containing the rules instead of linking you to the website.
  • The cooldowns command now shows an embed – making it more compact.
  • The ping command now also shows the bot’s cluster, shard ID, uptime, and CPU usage.
  • uptime is now an alias of of the ping command instead of being its own command.
  • The cooldown for pclaim has been reduced from 31 days to 29 days.
  • The value command now shows your player value (inventory value + money) instead of just inventory value.
  • When the item command is used on an item that does not have a sell or buy price, it will display its value instead.
  • Using b#killfeedchannel delete will now remove a killfeed from the current server.
  • Admins can now use the b@updatecredits command.
  • Global leaderboards now show the top 10 players, instead of the top 9.
  • Start time of the bot dramatically reduced, due to optimisation of generating unbox images.
  • Thumbnails have been removed from the item command.
  • The images for unboxed items now have a shadow behind them instead of a blur.
  • Items in each tier of the inventory are now ordered by recently acquired (least recent to most recent).
    An item becomes ‘recently acquired’ when the amount that you have exceeds 0.
  • Cooldown timers are now shown in the HH:MM:SS format (for example, instead of 8.4 hours it would show 08:24:11).
  • The higher your level, the higher chance you have of getting a rarer box from your level up rewards. Before this, it was completely random.
  • Level up messages are now displayed in the message that caused the user to level up, instead of a separate message.
  • The inventory command now also shows your level.
  • Your level is now shown in the profile command.
  • The level command was removed and level is now an alias of the profile command.
  • You now gain EXP from coinflips (1 EXP per $1,000.00 gambled – rounded down) – even if you lose!
  • Shield sell prices are now calculated by a formula.
  • When the bot DMs you about something that happened in a certain channel, it will now link you to that channel instead of saying the name of it.
  • Opt in / opt out cooldown is now always 24 hours.
  • Opting in and out now has a confirmation message (you must select a reaction to confirm that you wish to opt in / out).
  • Loot embeds now also show total loot value. This is the sum of the value of items looted and money stolen.

Bug Fixes

  • When a field in the inventory or killfeed embed exceeds 1024 characters, it will split it into two separate fields. This means that inventories should no longer give the error that there are too many items to display.
  • Fixed bug where every level after level 1 was one level too high (levels would jump from level 1 to level 3).
  • Fixed the plural of some items being wrong (for example, “box” is no longer “boxs”).
  • Fixed the shield icon always showing the titanium shield, despite which shield was activated.
  • The amount of people eligible to be stolen from is now actually 3 (it was 4 due to a mistake in the code).
  • Fixed several typos within the buy/sell commands.
  • Fixed a potential exploit in the sellall command.
  • The price of ammunition is now based on the damage of all guns that use it, rather than the first gun implemented that uses that ammunition.