v0.3.0 Changelog

Missing Features

  • Explosive weapons.
  • Cooldown notifications.
  • Global leaderboards.
  • Leaderboards.

Note that these features are temporarily missing and will return soon!

Removed Features

  • Global leaderboards have been temporarily removed but will return soon.
  • The b!notify command has been removed, however the same option can be toggled via the new b!settings command.
  • When voting, you will not receive a DM from the bot – however you will still receive your voting reward.

Returning Features

  • Commands in DMs are now available!
  • b!players is now available!
       If the command has been used in the server in the past 10 minutes, it will re-use the same data instead of fetching the data for that server again. After 10 minutes and someone uses the command, it will fetch new data. New data will also be fetched when a user attacks or uses a magnet.
  • Skin features have returned.
       Skins can currently only be obtained via our Patreon.
       When you have credits, use b!usecredit to unbox a random skin of random tier.
           It is impossible to get duplicate skins (skins you already own).
           If you already own all skins belonging to the tier you unbox, it will move up one tier instead. If unable to move up one tier, it will move down instead.
               e.g. ultra rare -> epic -> rare
       b!equipskin will now autocorrect misspelled item and skin names.
       Skin unboxing text is now clearer that the tier displayed is the tier for the skin – not the item.

New Features

  • The bot has been completely rewritten and now uses ArangoDB instead of MySQL for storing data.
       Huge thanks to ElJay#7711 for help with code optimisation amongst many other code-related things!
  • When equipping a shield, if you already have a shield equipped, it will ask if you wish to replace your current shield.
       Undamaged shields will be returned to your inventory.
  • You can now receive epic boxes as level up rewards.
  • Users who leave after opting in are now being logged so that staff can look out for people abusing the opting system.
       People would opt in, attack, and then leave the server. This way they could attack other players without the risk of being attacked themselves.
  • There is now a settings command that will allow you to toggle certain settings, such as receiving DMs from the bot when you get attacked.
       One setting you can toggle allows patrons and staff members to hide their badges when being shown in the attack pool – as some people felt they were targeted more because of their badge.
  • New badges have been added for more roles of users in the BoxBot server.
       Credit to Krample#6868 and [HSFC]Hacker Shobe#4271 for the art.
  • You can now skip the looting process by clicking the fast-forward emoji reaction.
  • Staff commands are now logged – the log can be viewed by users in the BoxBot server with support role or higher.
  • Sentry is now used for error logging.
  • b!skins and b!inventory now have pages if there are too many characters to fit into one message.
  • New command b!equipallskins allows you to cycle through all of your items (that you have skins unlocked for) and choose which skin to equip for each item.
  • More credit claim commands for: staff (sclaim), artists (aclaim), nitro boosters (bclaim).

Minor New Features

  • Added b!links command: sends links to our website, forums, and Discord server.
  • Added b!changelog command: sends you a link to the latest changelog post on the forums.
  • Added b!welcome command. Users who have the support role or higher in the BoxBot server can specify a user after the command to have the bot send them the welcome DM instead.
  • Added b@updateoptcooldown staff command.
  • Added b@age staff command.
  • Added times (no longer just dates) to b@check staff command.
  • Added pages to b@check staff command (staff are no longer limited to seeing the last 5 punishments to a user).
  • There are now small b and s icons displayed next to item names in the b!items command. A b next to an item means that it is buyable. An s next to an item means that it is sellable.
  • Commands can now be used in DMs without the need of a prefix.
  • Users are now automatically opted out of all servers when they are banned.
  • A shield HP bar has been added to the b!inventory command.
  • Added shield HP bar to b!health command.

Item Re-skins

These items’ images were re-created

item_name – artist

  • grenade – Piggles101#1234
  • shurikens – Jonteiro#6969
  • rpg – WillyPete#0722
  • thompson – WillyPete#0722
  • l42_enfield – WillyPete#0722
  • m1911 – WillyPete#0722
  • rpg_rocket – WillyPete#0722
  • first_aid_kit – Jimin (deleted user)
  • tomahawk – Jimin (deleted user)
  • katana – Bazza#8366
  • cleaver – Bazza#8366
  • fire_axe – Bazza#8366
  • ak-47 – Bazza#8366
  • awp – Krample#6868
  • barrett_m82 – Krample#6868
  • desert_eagle – Krample#6868
  • dynamite – Krample#6868
  • karambit – Krample#6868
  • m4_carbine – Krample#6868
  • henry_45-70 – Krample#6868
  • 45-70_bullet – Krample#6868
  • vector – Krample#6868
  • bomb – Krample#6868
  • scar-h – Krample#6868
  • .45_acp_bullet – Krample#6868
  • .50_bmg_bullet – Krample#6868
  • .50ae_bullet – Krample#6868
  • .303_bullet – Krample#6868
  • .308_winchester_bullet – Krample#6868
  • 5.56_bullet – Krample#6868
  • 7.62_bullet – Krample#6868
  • 9mm_bullet – Krample#6868
  • 12_gauge_bullet – Krample#6868
  • 25mm_grenade – Krample#6868

New skins

item_name;;skin_name – artist

  • ak-47;;golden_ivory – Bazza#8366
  • ak-47;;gold – Krample#6868
  • ak-47;;silver – Krample#6868
  • m4_carbine;;golden – Krample#6868
  • m4_carbine;;blossom – Krample#6868
  • ak-47;;vintage – Krample#6868
  • boomerang;;zap – Aidan#3808
  • butter_knife;;chrome – Auroria#8172
  • desert_eagle;;wartorn – alk#0590
  • fire_axe;;magma – Krample#6868
  • grenade;;stielhand – Krample#6868
  • health_potion;;heart – Jimin (deleted user)
  • iron_shield;;angler – Jimin (deleted user)
  • knuckle_duster;;bling – Jimin (deleted user)
  • kunai;;bone – alk#0590
  • m1911;;saint – WillyPete#0722
  • reinforced_shield;;oil_spill – Razicel#5615
  • rpg;;crystal – Jimin (deleted user)
  • safe;;embers – Modlizard#6018
  • titanium_shield;;roar – Krample#6868
  • tomahawk;;cliffhanger – alk#0590
  • treasure_chest;;pirate – Jimin (deleted user)
  • wooden_shield;;starfish – Jimin (deleted user)


  • Any double spaces will be automatically reduced to one space – fixing certain issues and exploits with some commands.
  • Added colours to the trade logs depending on the trade’s value difference. Will probably need some tuning.
  • Attack and magnet steal DMs will be sent to all players by default, rather than just players who have used the notify command.
       The bot will not be able to send any messages to you unless you have “allow direct messages from server members” enabled in your Discord user settings.
  • If you have attack notification DMs enabled (which are now enabled by default), you will receive a DM immediately after being killed – and again once your killer has finished looting you.
       If you would like to disable attack notification DMs, you can do so via the b!settings command.
  • Added EXP bar to b!profile command. (credit to Cyrex#5939 for the art)
  • Added trivia stats to b!profile. Every question you answer is now tracked and you may view your stats for easy, medium, and hard questions.
       Note that only trivias after this update are tracked.
  • Added total unlocked skins to b!profile.
  • Opting in/out is now a single toggle command: b!opt.
  • If a user leaves a server while opted in, when they rejoin that server they will not be able to opt back in for 6 hours.
  • When opting out, there is no longer a cooldown to wait until you can opt back in.
  • Items in the b!inventory command are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Items in the b!items command are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Many staff commands that were only usable by admins and above are now also usable by senior moderators.
  • Admin commands now have two methods of being used (faster but more ‘complicated’; slower but simpler).
  • Level up rewards have been tweaked. You now have a higher chance of receiving better boxes at lower levels.
  • You may notice you are now one level higher than you were before this update. This is because levels were incorrectly calculated, making the leap from level 1 to level 2 too large.
  • The b!ping command now shows extra information: total server count, total member count, and total player count (users in database).
  • The cooldown message between commands will only be displayed once.
  • The cooldown between commands will reset back to 1 second if a user tries to use a command while the cooldown is still active.
  • The maximum amount of money that can be gambled via the b!coinflip command has been reduced from $250,000 to $200,000.
  • The cooldown time of the b!coinflip command has been increased from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.
  • When using the b!coinflip command, you can now bet on a coin face (heads or tails). (credit to Krample#6868 for art)
  • The bot will now ignore commas when using the b!coinflip command and when setting money in a trade.
  • You can now use “k” as “thousand” in the b!coinflip command and when setting money in a trade.
       For example, 2.5k will be automatically converted to 2500.
  • The b!image command no longer shows the image for the skin you have equipped. Instead it will show the item with no skin by default. If you wish to see a skin, use the skin syntax: item_name;;skin_name.
  • The autocorrect / autocomplete system has been completely re-written.
  • Items now have aliases, for example you can now type “bow” instead of “wooden_bow”!
  • Legendary patron now has its own badge instead of using the Epic patron badge.
  • Cooldown times over 24 hours will now be displayed in days or weeks (e.g. 2 days or 3 weeks)
  • Cooldown names in b!cooldowns are now more descriptive.
  • Added the amount of money you’ve stolen to the message you see while you are looting the player you’ve killed.
  • Added the tier of each item during the looting process.
  • When looting, the bot now only removes your reaction – rather than removing all reactions and adding A, B, and C back.
  • When looting, the bot will now tell you any items that it has just skipped over (due to all three choices being identical).
  • The $5,000 needed to be included in the attack pool has been increased to $9,000.
  • When a user is being displayed as an attack option to other players, that user will be temporarily removed from the attack pool. Prevents double attacks, especially in small active servers.
  • You can now specify multiple items with the buy and sell commands.
       You must separate item names by commas.
  • Certain commands have been disabled while the user is in an active trade.
  • Added how to accept and decline trades to the active trade embed.
  • When removing items from a trade, you may now specify the amount you wish to remove rather than removing all of that item from the trade. If you do not specify an amount, it will default to removing 1 of that item.
  • You must now be at least level 5 to use trading.
  • Shield HP has been added to the b!health command.
  • The b#setkillfeed command can now be used by users with the ‘Manage Channels’ permission.
  • The b#setprefix command can now be used by users with the ‘Manage Server’ permission.
  • The b#togglecommands command can now be used by users with the ‘Manage Channels’ permission.
  • Users with the ‘Manage Channels’ permission can now set a tradelog channel in your server using the b#settradelog server command.
  • The b@setcd staff command now accepts different measurements of time – not just seconds! (if no measurement is specified, it will default to seconds)
  • The b@updatehealth staff command will now set that user’s HP rather than add to / remove from it.
  • b2 and b? have been added as prefixes for staff commands.
  • b3 and b$ have been added as prefixes for server admin commands.

Minor Changes

  • Removed CPU usage from b!ping command as it was inaccurate.
  • The trivia command now has a message at the top telling users how they can report mistakes within the question and/or answers.
  • Getting a user’s level from their EXP is now faster.
  • When a message’s text goes over 2,000 and would need to send multiple messages, instead of sending extra messages and editing them if needed, it will only send the messages if it needs to.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed coinflip giving “NaN” values.
  • You should no longer get a message saying that you do not have enough money even though the bot tells you that you have the exact amount. This was due to the bot sometimes rounding up 1 cent when it should round down.
  • Fixed bug where you could buy/sell ‘xInfinity’ or ‘x-Infinity’ amount of an item, breaking that item in your inventory, as well as your money.
  • Users who are dead and are currently being looted are now removed from the attack pool.
  • Fixed b@fixtrade staff command not working with IDs or user#tags.
  • Fixed b@botunwarn and b@tradeunwarn staff commands not sending a DM to users.
  • If a user gets trade banned while they are currently in a trade and that trade is accepted, the bot will reject the trade.