v0.3.1 Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the epic_box not existing in the database – resulting in errors for users who have any in their inventory.
  • Fixed users not being added/removed from the ban list in other clusters.
  • Fixed attacking getting users stuck at a “finding victims” message.
  • Fixed b!players not responding.
  • Fixed b@manualclaim always saying that the user has not voted, even if they have.
  • Fixed b@manualclaim always saying that it’s not the weekend (even if it is).
  • Fixed b@age not working when specifying an ID instead of a mention or user#tag.
  • Fixed b@forceopt not working as it did not recognise server IDs.
  • Fixed role changes (e.g. new patrons, staff, nitro boosters, etc.) not being reflected in the database.
  • Fixed a lower-tier role change being set as the user’s highest tier. (for example if a mod gains support role, the bot would think their highest staff role was support)
  • Fixed fetching things through IPC not waiting for all responses – sometimes resulting in it not being fetched even when it should.
  • Fixed users who should be banned being unbanned and vice versa.