v0.3.2 Changelog


  • Added day as an alias of daily.
  • Senior moderators now have access to the updatemoney staff command.

Bug Fixes

  • When fetching a user through IPC via their Discord ID, if the Discord ID was incorrect it would throw an error.
  • Fixed the sellall command not removing reactions after the command has ended.
  • Fixed the coinflip command not removing reactions after the command has ended.
  • Fixed attack and magnet pools being incorrect in large servers. This was due to me using the new database incorrectly and the results being capped at 1,000. Sorry about that!
  • When staff is permanently banning a user, it will tell them they have been permanently banned instead of telling them they were banned for 0 seconds.
  • Fixed artists not having the artist badge.
  • When replacing your max HP shield with the same shield, the shield was duplicated. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed rare patrons receiving “undefined” credits when using pclaim.
  • Fixed users not receiving trivia rewards if they do not have an inventory.
  • Fixed the bot throwing errors if the help command cannot be sent to a channel due to insufficient permissions.
  • Fixed the “fetch total guild count” IPC event possibly removing the wrong event from the IPC queue.
  • Fixed staff not being able to bot ban users who are trade banned.