The game has reached 500,000+ players and is constantly growing! The updates are only getting bigger and more exciting. We try to cater to our players by working their ideas into the game and letting them decide what comes in future updates while also supporting our users by trying our hardest to answer all questions that are asked.

We are overwhelmed by the support BoxBot has received and we will always try to make the game better and more enjoyable! However, as the game is getting bigger, updates take longer and that means we are spending much more time on this bot. Donating to our Patreon will grant users special bonus features such as credits, which can be used to purchase skins, a special Patreon badge that will appear almost anytime the bot will mention you, and patrons will also be able to see early updates about new features or items.

So if you really enjoy BoxBot and want to support our work, please consider becoming a BoxBot patron here. We greatly appreciate any and every donation we receive. We are not being paid to create BoxBot and the only money we receive are donations from our amazing community.

The rewards for each tier of donations can be found on our Patreon page.

Every patron reward includes access to the exclusive Patreon channel where they can get info on updates as they’re being worked on. Each patron also gets an exclusive patron badge, and an exclusive patron role in the BoxBot Discord server.

Thank you so much to our existing patrons for continuing to motivate us on with this amazing journey!