If anyone is caught breaking any of the rules below, they could be subject to being warned, permanently banned from trading and/or have their inventory reset. 

These rules apply to EVERY server! Anyone found to be breaking these rules may be permanently banned from trading and/or have their inventory reset.

1. No multi-accounting. People found to be creating new accounts in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players will be banned from using the bot. Don’t ruin the fun for everyone else!

1.1. This includes having an alternate account to trade items back and forth and use as a “safe.”

1.2. You can still have more than one account, but DO NOT trade between your other accounts at all as it will be an immediate ban for your alternate account and a warning for you other one.

2. Giving people items or money for free/a large difference of value is not allowed.

2.1. This includes giving someone a gun, letting them fire it, and then taking it back

2.2. Trading items externally (outside of BoxBot) is still prohibited, any users caught doing so even if evidence is provided will still receive penalisations. For example, someone trading an RPG for real currency or items on other games and bots will receive a warning.

2.3. This also means that if you kill your friend, you can’t give them their items back. If you do this, you will still receive a warning.

2.4. Giving occasional health items or items that are not of a significant difference are still allowed, if you try to abuse this rule you will still be warned or banned.

3. If you are found to be abusing bugs or exploits to gain an unfair advantage, we will not hesitate to reset your user data!

4. The above are guidelines for staff to follow when deciding if action should be taken against a user. If they feel you deserved a ban or warning, please do not argue with them and accept your punishment.

5. Using a script to use a command automatically (such as healing or attacking) is not allowed, anyone found using one will be warned or banned.

These are for the official BoxBot Discord server only!

1. Do not harass other people! Harassment and offensive comments will not be tolerated!

2. Do not spam.

2.1. Do not spam mentions. This includes everyone.

3. Try to keep discussions in their appropriate channels (e.g. #chat for discussion and #commands-1 for commands).

4. Do not advertise other bots, servers or websites (without permission).

5. Do not beg other users for items / money.

6. Please try to keep all discussion in English!

7. Do not impersonate staff (or anyone for that matter).

8. Do not post GIFs / images that can trigger people’s epilepsy.

9. Do not beg/ask to have server roles. Certain roles are earned (such as helper, bug reporter, user reporter, etc.); and as for other roles (such as moderator, administrator), if we feel we need more staff we will allow people to apply. You will not get a role by asking.

10. Moderators and above have the right to change your nickname if they believe it is offensive, unsuitable, or difficult to mention.

11. Do not use speech that is derogatory or/and belittles another user. This includes being racist or/and homophobic etc.

11.2. Swearing is still allowed, just don’t be too excessive.

1. Type b!notify to enable cooldown notifications. BoxBot will send you a DM when a cooldown ends.

2. When buying or selling multiple items at once, you can add x5 at the end of it, of course replacing 5 with the amount you wish to buy/sell. e.g. b!sell hammer x5

3. Type b!cooldowns (b!cd) to check all cooldowns as well as the time remaining on them.