Starter Guide

This page will teach new users the basics of using BoxBot. If you require further help or have a suggestion for this page, please join the Official BoxBot Server and ask a member of staff.

Things you should know before using BoxBot:

  • Every command (with the exception of admin commands) will start with the prefix b!. For example, b!use.

  • Ensure you have all the following permissions enabled:

    • Read Messages

    • Send Messages

    • Manage Messages

    • Read Message History

    • Attach Files

    • Add Reactions

    • Use External Emojis

    • Embed Links

  • The following is the list of drop rates for every box:​

  • Regular giveaways are hosted in the BoxBot Discord Server

  • To attack or use an item, do b!use 

    • You can only choose to attack from a choice of 3 random users if there are 10 players (including yourself) that
      have $9000+ in either inventory value (all items added together) or money.

  • Upon dying or killing someone, that person will be looted. 1/3 of their items and 70% of their money will be looted.

    • If a player has at least 3 items, there will be a choice of 3 where the player can choose one item from the 3 that appear

    • Money is taken automatically (70% of the players balance)

    • If a player has at least 3 of the same items, it will automatically take one

    • Commands cannot be used whilst a player is dead and being looted

    • Loot appears in the order of highest to lowest rarity (epic – ultra rare – rare – uncommon – common)

  • If you would like to stay in a server but have the protection of not being able to be attacked (whilst also not being able to attack obviously) then you can use b!optout to opt out of a server or b!optin to opt in a server. Either of these commands can only be done once every 24 hours. This is to prevent people from constantly opting in and out allowing them to have a safe haven where they can’t be attacked but can build up their inventory.

  • Using b!cooldowns (or b!cd) will show a list of all cooldowns and when/if they will be ready to use. You can also mention another player (or use their Discord ID) to check another user’s cooldowns.

The example below shows checking another player’s cooldowns:

Here is a list of useful commands that are imperative to your rise in being the master of all boxes:

  • b!help – Brings up an interface on Discord that shows the user every command and item in the bot at that current time. Clicking on the emojis will produce a list of either all items or commands.

    • The interface will be a small box which asks the user to select the matching emoji to produce information about that section.

  • b!use  – Use an item. You can type b!use rare box to open the rare box you just received as your daily reward, and b!use ultra rare box to open the box you received from your weekly reward.

    • This command can be used with weapons and healing items, too.

  • b!daily – Receive a rare box (or a 6% chance of receiving two rare boxes). The Rare Box guarantees a rare item or higher.  There is also a 1% chance of receiving a ultra rare box which guarantees an ultra rare item or higher. Of course has a cooldown of 24 hours.

  • b!weekly – Receive a weekly ultra rare box (or a 6% chance of receiving two ultra rare boxes) which guarantees an ultra rare item and above. There is also a 1% chance of receiving a epic box which guarantees an epic item. Has a cooldown of 7 days/168 hours. 

  • b!coinflip  – Flips a virtual coin with a 50/50 chance of losing or doubling money amount bet. The max amount a player can bet is $200,000. 

  • b!trade <@player name> – Opens a trading interface where two users can add items or money to trade with each other. You have to be a minimum of level 5 to use this command.

  • b!unbox – Opens a box with a random item of common tier or above. This command has a cooldown of 60 minutes.

  • b!trivia – Asks you a random multiple-choice question. Answer correctly and receive a common box, two common boxes, or an uncommon box depending on the question’s difficulty. Has a cooldown of 30 minutes.

  • b!claim – Claims an extra daily reward (rare box on weekdays, ultra rare box in the weekend). Note that this command can only be used by people who have voted for the bot which you can do here

  • b!notify – Toggles cooldown notifications on/off.

  • b!inv – View your inventory (and money, health, and whether or not you have a shield active).

  • b!items – View a list of all items. You can then use b!item  to see more information about an item.

  • b!sell  x1 – Sell 1 of .

  • b!sellall – Sell all of .

  • b!buy  x1 – Buy 1 of .

  • b!item  – Inspects an item and displays all the stats of that item.